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SPIKE Sun Protection SPF 40 Water Resistant


SPIKE Sun Protection is developed as the ultimate skin sun protection, specially made for active outdoor athletes. Its ingredients are constantly tested and developed. Optimal skin protection is guaranteed with SPF 40. It’s ultra-fine, it absorbs into skin instantly. The oil-free formula protects skin without stickiness, making it ideal for the outdoor athlete who uses his/her hands.

Enjoy the sun, but be sure to protect your skin, use SPIKE!




Finally, SPIKE offers the perfect ability to secure your tube anywhere through a hook. This way your SPIKE is always within hand reach, as it should be!

If you have ideas or thoughts you’d like to share, send us an email and we’ll respond within 48 hours.

Enjoy your outdoor activity, and don’t forget your SPIKE!

Best regards,

SPIKE Sun Protection Team

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